German Beer Drinking Culture

Beer is an enormous part of the culture and history of Germany, with Germans being the third largest exporters of beer in the world and also ranking third in terms of per-capita beer consumption. Germany was also the home of some of the earliest breweries throughout history and is famous for its Reinheitsgebot or Beer Purity Law, created in 1516 in order to regulate production of beer and ensure that the German varieties of the beverage would always be of high quality. Some of the most popular brands of beer worldwide originated in Germany, along with a lot of the equipment used in both brewing and drinking beer. The country is also famous for its annual Oktoberfest beer festival, along with similar events elsewhere around the country. It’s safe to say that Germany is one of the spiritual homes of beer.

German Pride

Beer is Germany’s national drink and the people who live in the country give the beverage a special place in their lives. Few other countries around the world hold such reverence for the beverage and Germans remain proud of their nation’s history and traditions when it comes to beer.


Oktoberfest is easily the most famous beer-related event worldwide, with many other countries adopting similar celebrations modelled after the German tradition. The event first began in 1810 and since then traditionally begins from late September lasting for sixteen days each year. According to recent counts, over six million visitors from all across the globe are attracted to Munich for this annual event. The festival is actually the world’s largest funfair and features much more besides the renowned beer-drinking activities, however the Oktoberfest beers are one of the event’s major attractions.

Without doubt beer is a major part of German culture.